No Easy Way Out

First off, let’s get a little inspirational music going. Something to get the blood pumping.

“No Easy Way Out (cover) – Bullet for My Valentine”

Alright. Now that we are sufficiently pumped up, I want to talk a bit about a new project. For lack of a better name, let’s call it “World of Fitcraft”. I think a little back story is in order here.

When I was younger I did horrible in school because I had no willpower to do homework or anything extra. But I got a video game (F117 Stealth Fighter from Microprose Software) that had a 150 page manual (still bigger than any other game I’ve played) that I not only memorized, I devoured. Because it was a game, I was dedicated to my perfection. I developed advanced dog fighting techniques, planned meticulous flight plans, and was a silent and efficient killer of virtual insurgents. Well, that memory sparked a possibility of treating weight loss and fitness like a video game. Full of achievements, competition, battles, mobs, experience points, loot, and boss battles (like the Thanksgiving meal 🙂 ). Top it all off with the ultimate prize at the end; a long life with my Queen; my Warrior Woman.

So here is the game:

LEVELS: My starting weight is level 0. Every 5 lbs I move on to the next level. Right now I have not planned a level cap for myself (and it will be different for everyone), but as I document the game I may. Simple enough.

MOBS: Things like work potlucks and food cravings are the random encounter small enemies that are easy enough to avoid. Each of these are worth 10 experience points (more on that later).

BOSS BATTLES: Boss battles are the events and situations that are un-avoidable. Things like Birthdays and Thanksgiving. You need a solid strategy or else you will wipe. However, boss battles are worth 50 experience points AND and achievement unlocked (we will touch on those soon).

EXPERIENCE POINTS (XP): XP in Fitcraft works a bit differently than other games. Here, XP acts like currency. You gain experience by completing quests (again, more on those later) and defeating mobs (you remember them, right?). However, if you are defeated (by going over calories or not completing a quest) you lose points. On the first day of every month, you can trade in experience points for loot or save them up for the next “prize day”.

QUESTS: Quests are one-off fun activities such as backpacking, walking through the zoo (be sure to catch ALL the exhibits), or roller skating with your significant other. Each quest is worth 25 points. Be sure to have fun with it. There will be no hunting for Zhevra hooves in the Barrens (a lot of you may not know the reference, but trust me that quest was a GRIND to do).

LOOT: These are the rewards that you can cash in your XP for. Before you start playing World of Fitcraft be sure to write out a list of things you want. New video card for your computer. Movie tickets to a Summer blockbuster you really want to see. Stuff like that. Then set point values to them. That way, when the first of the month rolls around you can just pick from the list and spend the experience points you so valiantly fought for.

WIN THE GAME: This one is simultaneously simple and very elusive. Lose weight and gain a level of fitness where you are strong and confident in yourself.

The good thing about this game is that it will never get old. Every day offers new challenges. There will always be cravings to defeat and  holiday gatherings to vanquish. You will always have rewards that you want and will always feel accomplished when you complete your quests. This is a game where winning means living and, damn it, I want to WIN!


5 comments on “No Easy Way Out

  1. Missy Q. says:

    Reblogged this on Musings of a Sociopath and commented:

    I rarely reblog. This is my space.
    This idea that my husband has is so incredibly awesome that I think everyone should be thinking of other creative ways to lose weight. :3

  2. Evilbatwitch says:

    I have game tips for your mob of Potluck. Create your own dish, and watch your coworkers devour it in a fit of hungry They will never even notice their food has been avoided. Craving mobs should be REASONABLY given in to. Consider them NPCs that need negotiation to get past. Most times that monster can be hit with a Wand of Polymorph: Ice Cream Homonculus (sp) turns into Elf of Frozen Yogurt. Marie Calendar Croutons on a salad (5 per serving) turn into 34 Baked Cheetos! It’s a bag of spells you never need manna for.
    Same thing with the Big Boss’ of Thanksgiving, and Christmas, (and Easter and Fourth of July/Memorial Day/Labor Day picnics). You remember my making foods other people could consume? same thing. Going to a friends for bbq? You bring your salads/condiments/chips/queso. As You progress in your game design, I can help with spells (recipes), if you wish.

  3. Missy Q. says:

    I think you should give yourself +1 point extra for every day you log your food, and -1 point for not logging.

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